Koichi Onishi
Born in Osaka, Japan, Aug.1965.Graduated Osaka University of Arts in 1988.The documentary work " Kawachi Yukyo-den " (Chronicle of Kawachi prodigal)which filmed the disappearing street musician with a guitar on his back in the old town of Osaka and the film received the prize of graduation production. He directed two movies (a drama) in the 1990s, Kichijoji Muei and April in the Sentimental Northern Town. Working for TV programs, PR videos, a music video clips. "Sketches of Myahk" becomes his movie for the first time in 16 years. Filming the documentary of Ainu musician, OKI since last year.
Makoto Kubota
Since he started his recording career in '73, Kubota has always continued offering alternative ideas and approaches till today. His production includes Blue Asia, Elvy Sukaesih, Detty Kurnia, Dick Lee & The Boom, so on. "Blue Asia has a trancy, laid back ambience filled with exotic samples of traditional instruments blended with electronica and dub." Quoted from Putumayo World Music release named WORLD LOUNGE (put 198-2).
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